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Digital X-Ray Service

Sanford Chiropractic has a state of the art digital X-ray processor, allowing him to visualize your
X-rays in ways never before possible. He uses this both for spine, as well as the extremities, when necessary. As an aside: X-rays are not required for chiropractic adjustments. Dr Sanford (unlike others) only X-rays when truly necessary.

A Mini Emergency Room

Many people use our X-rays facility like a mini emergency room, literally saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars! Others use our facility to get an arthritis X-ray before seeing an orthopedist. For extremity X-rays, Dr. Sanford will email your X-rays to one of two orthopedists (at no extra charge) to insure that you get the very best diagnosis possible.

High quality, low cost X-rays! 

So take that sprained wrist, twisted finger, sprained ankle, or arthritic knee, or shoulder, to Sanford Chiropractic, and save a ton of money! We can image any part of your anatomy, except the skull. There is no reason to spend more.