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Expert Spinal Diagnosis

Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.) are experts in the area of spinal diagnosis. They receive more training in this area than P.T.s, or most M.D.s. There is no reason to take your neck, mid-back or low-back pain anywhere else. In fact, a very thorough study of low back pain in Canada concluded that all low back pain patients should only see a good quality Chiropractor, and then let that Chiropractor manage the case.

By asking careful questions, actually listening to the answers, and performing a careful examination, Dr. Sanford will be able to properly diagnose your condition. He truly believes, as all should, that only a proper diagnosis can lead to proper treatment.

Diagnostic Imaging

When necessary, Dr. Sanford will take an X-ray using our new digital processor. He may also order an MRI, CT, or bone scan when necessary. Dr. Sanford has ordering privileges with the local hospital for any diagnostic test.