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Sanford Chiropractic Services

Spinal Diagnosis  -  Adjustments  -  X-Ray Services  -  Rehab  -  Orthotics


Expert Spinal Diagnosis

Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.) are experts in the area of spinal diagnosis. They receive more training in this area than P.T.s, or most M.D.s. There is no reason to take your neck, mid-back or low-back pain anywhere else. In fact, a very thorough study of low back pain in Canada concluded that all low back pain patients should only see a good quality Chiropractor, and then let that Chiropractor manage the case.

By asking careful questions, actually listening to the answers, and performing a careful examination, Dr. Sanford will be able to properly diagnose your condition. He truly believes, as all should, that only a proper diagnosis can lead to proper treatment.


Chiropractic Adjustments

Comfortable, Effective Chiropractic Adjustments:

Each adjustment/treatment lasts at least 15-20 minutes. No "pop and go" chiropractic here. You will be with Dr. Sanford the entire time. Staying in your clothes, he will have you lay on his very comfortable and highly specialized table. He will then feel your spine and then begin to massage the tight areas. He uses the famous Thumper and G5 mechanical massagers in this process. Patients absolutely love them! After you are all nice and relaxed, he will adjust your spine as comfortably and effortlessly as possible. He has 3 primary adjustive techniques: traditional hands-on, drop-table, and activator. He may also perform another wonderful technique called "flexion-distraction" that is great for lumbar disc issues.

Dr. Sanford uses Evidence-Based treatment protocols to insure that you are receiving the latest and most scientific treatment available. If for some reason you do not respond in 3 treatments, he will reassess the situation. No long term treatment plans here. We want you to get well soon, and will not do any more treatments than absolutely necessary. When treatment is successful, he will quickly transition you to prevention. Learn about our rehab facility.


Digital X-Ray Service

Sanford Chiropractic has a state of the art digital X-ray processor, allowing him to visualize your
X-rays in ways never before possible. He uses this both for spine, as well as the extremities, when necessary. As an aside: X-rays are not required for chiropractic adjustments. Dr Sanford (unlike others) only X-rays when truly necessary.


Rehabilitation & Prevention

This is an active town with active residents and visitors.  We play hard here and work hard, too and we're hard on our bodies.  Whether you're just here for vacation or you live here, Dr. Sanford wants your visit to go farther than the time you'll spend with him.  His  philosophy is about educating the patient and preventing re-injury.   To learn more about how you can be involved in your own healing and save yourself pain and recovery time, check out our Rehab page.  

Mini Emergency Room/high quality X-rays

Did your child have a bike accident?  Did you fall down on a hike?  Many people use our X-rays facility like an affordable mini emergency room, literally saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars! Others use our facility to get an arthritis X-ray before seeing an orthopedist. For extremity X-rays, Dr. Sanford will email your X-rays to one of two orthopedists (at no extra charge) to insure that you get the very best diagnosis possible.

So take that sprained wrist, twisted finger, sprained ankle, or arthritic knee, or shoulder, to Sanford Chiropractic, and save your money.   We can image any part of your anatomy, (except the skull). There is no reason to spend more. If you need an orthopedic surgeon or other specialist, Dr. Sanford can send your X-rays directly to that physician or to the hospital.



For those with foot issues or possibly even knee or lumbar issues, custom made foot beds (orthotics) can often really help.

Back pain is often the result of leg length differences or issues with support.  Orthotics can also help with weight differences if one foot is favored over another.  Orthotics are commonly prescribed for plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and metatarsalgia, and low back pain.

Dr. Sanford will look at your feet, your leg length, analyze your stride, and then take a cast of your foot.   Ten days later you will have your orthotic inserts, specifically made for your feet.  




Keeping Steamboat Well Adjusted....

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